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We are a niche Scottish IT consultancy, founded in 2008, with a wealth of experience in our field. With our head office in Edinburgh, we provide Business Intelligence solutions for a range of public and private sector organisations, specialising in finance, health, energy and utilities.


A young and vibrant company, our greatest strength is our people and their approach to problem solving. With a can do attitude, honesty and enthusiasm they are motivated and passionate about delivering elegant solutions to complex problems in a business environment.


Our Ethos


We believe Business Intelligence is about empowering a company by putting it in control of its data. We design systems that improve business performance – getting the right information to the right people at the right time.


We understand that the amount of data stored can be overwhelming - but this doesn’t have to mean extra work for you. We have the experience and technical expertise to streamline this information and utilise it to help transform your business.

About us

Praxa Business Intelligence, BI Scotland
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